Joshua Tree - Indian Cove Nature Trail

For our first hike, Jenn and I checked out the Indian Cove Nature Trail, a short (0.6 mile) hike filled with signs identifying the native plant species (Jenn was very excited about that šŸ˜)

I've spend enough time in the desert to know that this amount of color, although subtle, is unusual for the desert - evidence of the superbloom from the crazy amount of rain California received this year. 

We were amazed by the striking contrast of the rocky hills, jumbles of rocks, plant life, and blazing sun šŸ¤© So different from where we live in Humboldt County šŸ¤£

These little black birds were flitting around for much of our hike. Very shy and skittish, hardly spending any time out in the open. At first, I only caught a few glancing shots.

But with patience and persistence, I managed to get a good view of tail feathers and the striking plume of feathers on the head šŸ˜²

And then I got one great shot of the bird looking right at me, highlighting the plumes and the vibrant red eye! I think this is a male silky flycatcher.

A few more shots of the striking scenery...

Along the hike, a few of these tiny little lizards posed long enough to snap a few photos. They were about 2 inches long and very well chamoflaged! It was hard to see them when they weren't moving.

This second one had a little more green in his skin...

A few patches of beautiful purple flowers!

And some striking yellow flowers!

This adorable little hummingbird posed on the top of a branch for some pics šŸ˜

One final shot of the beautiful landscape šŸ˜